Thursday, October 15, 2009

creationists, a quick squiz

creative science

I may have been a little rude in dismissing Dr Carl, and it might have been fun to keep him dangling on the line for a while, since he's apparently quite an important figure in creationist circles. He has an entry in Wikipedia, something I'm never likely to have. He's the manager of Creationist Ministries International, which had its beginnings in Australia, maybe even here in dear old Adelaide. Certainly Dr Carl studied here at Adelaide University, becoming a real medical doctor. He has been promoting creationism [Wiki describes him as a young earth creationist] since at least 1976, when he formed the Creation Science Association here in South Australia. This organisation was apparently based on a US organisation, the Creation Research Society, first formed in 1963. If you want a laugh, check out the Wikipedia entry on this organisation and its internal ructions. These people call themselves scientists though, and what's worse, the Wikipedia people allow them to be so called. Having said that, I don't think Wikipedia's treatment is sympathetic. It simply states their beliefs. Nothing like deadpan humour.
Anyway, Dr Carl's Creation Science Association merged with a Queensland group to eventually become the notorious Answers in Genesis, until finally in 2005 long-standing differences with the US President of AiG, Ken Ham, caused a split. These guys apparently have big problems with each others' literal interpretations of the multi-authored first book of the Bible. Dr Carl is still involved in Answers in Genesis [Aust], and does lots of writing and speaking etc.
Of course, I've since read Dr Carl's last email to me, and I'm miffed that I didn't respond more fully, even though it's essentially a waste of time. Anyway I'll give myself the last word in my next post.

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